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It all starts with a favorite photo of your pet… Using your image or images as a reference, I create a beautiful portrait that captures the unique personality of your pet.

How do I commission a custom pet portrait?

Just email me a few photos of your pet at and let me know what kind of portrait you want. It could be a certain size, or include more than one pet or even a person in your portrait.


What photos work best?

The clearer and sharper the image, the better the portrait. I try my best to work with all images.


How long does it take?

My portraits take about two weeks to complete. A few proofs will be sent to you by email beforehand for your approval. 


How do I receive my portrait?

I mail the print or framed portrait to you. There is also a digital-only option.


What is the cost of my framed portrait?

I offer two sizes of frames  - black or white:

  • $65 The frame is 9" x 9", the portrait is 5" x 5" 

  • $95 The frame is 13" x 17", the portrait is 7.5" x 9.5"

A custom quote is required for added pets (and people), print only or unframed, digital only, special sizes and multiple copies. 



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